Training Day

Last night some Ethos folk headed out to Landahl hoping for dry trail and something different than Swope. We were not disappointed! The trails were immaculate and the 80 degree temperatures made for the an awesome ride. What made it possibly my favorite ride to date was the company. Sean Burns, Travis Donn, Garet Steinmetz and myself left the trail head just after 6:30 and proceeded to sample just about everything Landahl has to offer.

We headed straight down Tasty Goodness to the Lollipop, doing one lap of each direction. Across the creek down to the scout camp, through the 5 foot tall grass up to the 5 way. Burned down Family Trail, dropping in on Scotts Gunbarrell ( rocky, loose and fun). Crossed the creek, made the long slog up to the numbers. Rode #10 to little moab then back the last half of #11. The numbers were in excellent shape and did not hold back on the ass whooping they normally deliver. Many of climbs were conquered jogging with bike on shoulder. We blasted back down the hill across the creek and then spun across the flats trying to recharge the legs for the Climb back up Scotts.

We arrived on top with failing light and rode blindly up Family Trail, down Daves Maze and out Wills Wanderer to the double track. Got to the parking lot around 9:10, bummed that we didn't get to ride Rim Job, but thankful for such awesome trail conditions, cool temps and great riding partners. We shared some beers in the parking lot enjoying the beautiful June night before hopping in the cars.

Couldn't have asked for a better midweek ride, lets make this a weekly thing.