USGP New Belgium Cup

K-Rocket raced in her first USGP CX race over in Fort Collins with the 2/3 women. Fast Fast Fast group of women and girls. She kicked tail Ethos style and took 3rd on Sat and 5th on Sunday. Sunday was interesting as she posted the 2nd fastest lap splits on the day but getting tangled in an early crash kept her off the podium. As they say you can't win the race in the first lap but you sure can lose it. Way to race K-Rocket!
Fast Field with some factory team racers and national top 5 ranked girls in the 2/3 race.
K-Rocket on the stage with the Big Girls, at this rate she will be racing the Elite ranks soon...


Burning Rubber...

The Flaming Fast Trio of Travis, Garet and Chris Ploch took home top honors with a course record 12 laps at Burning at the Bluff this past weeked. I'm sure we can expect a write up by all three of these fellas in the next few days. Congrats!