De Stad Cup Cross...

(thanks for the photos Chris!)


Boss Cross Numero Tres

So the boys took to the grassy knolls again last weekend, and took part of Boss Cross 3 over at some park, somewhere... From what I read, the crew at Boss once again proved their awesomeness by providing a great venue, and superb course.

Travis brought a 10th place in the open home, while Jamie pulled down a 15th in the 4s. Looks like the 4s still continue to be the largest classes, this one had 40+ in it.

Old man Winters brough in a solid 6th in the Master 4's race. I haven't been there to watch, but judging by his past few results, looks like Kev is getting stronger and stronger.

Steve took home a win! Yes sir, Steve managed to stick it to the 60+ class, and took home a much deserved win.

Last and not least, our boy Dave took home a 3rd in another heavily stacked SS class. I'm excited to get to race these guys. Seems like we have some new contendors doing it single style, and if all goes as planned, I'll be throwing my hat in the ring this weekend.

I'd love to have pics of our boys in action but after looking for longer than I'd like, I can't find any. I've seen them on everyone elses blogs, but my seach feature is down, and the only ones I've found are by Lantern Rouge, and of course those can't be saved.

Stay tuned, we have some more announcing to do in the near future. Looks like Ethos just picked up some strong talent for next year...


Travis throwing it down for the win at the Swayze cross race last week.