Who We Are

Dave Wilson
Nickname: The Bald Chimp
Age: 44 
Height/Weight: 5’11” 160 lbs
Category: MTB -1, (SS) Cyclocross -3
Top Results:
2011 Berryman Trail Epic 1st SS/20th overall
2011 Syllamo's Revenge 3rd SS, 9th overall, Sub 5 hour finish
2010 Leadville 100 9 hour finish (Ok,OK! 9:01) 8th place SS
Favorite Race: Syllamo's Revenge, Laramie Enduro, any race with lots of climbing
Favorite Quote: “Dig Deep” – Ken Chlouber, founder LV100 “ You won’t win a race on a downhill but you sure can lose it” – Dave Wiens
2012 Goals:
Top 5 overall @ Syllamo’s Revenge,
Top 10 in Class at Cahutta 100 & Laramie Enduro
Finish the DK200
Defend my BT Epic Title
What Moves you?
My family, Riding & racing with friends, Big Gravel, pushing one gear

Karen Brocket
Nickname: K-Rocket
Age: 16
Height/Weight: 5’7” – 104lbs
Category: MTB -1, Cyclocross -2
Top Results:
2011 MTB XC Nationals – 4th CAT 1 15-16
2011 MTB XC Overall Midwest Regional Champion CAT1 Women (Subaru Cup PROXCT)
2010 CX MO State Champion Junior Women
2010 MTB XC Midwest Regional Champion Junior Women
Favorite Race: Subaru Cup PROXCT
Favorite Quote: It never gets easier you just get faster!
2012 Goals:
Continue building upon my MTB racing success and really focus on Cyclocross which is becoming my #1 passion. Next season I will move into the Elite Women’s ranks and look forwards to racing against the best. Before then it’s laser focus on CX Nats in Madison and taking the podium in Jan!
What Moves you?
I love everything cycling and want to go pro and travel all over the world and someday represent the USA in the Olympics!

JP Brocket
Nickname: Rocket
Age: 38
Height/Weight: 6’3” – 170lbs
Category: MTB -1, Cyclocross -2
Top Results:
2011 MTB XC Nationals – 12th CAT 1 35-39
2011 PROXCT Subaru Cup – 14th CAT1 35+
2010 UFD Series Champion Marathon class
Favorite Race: Subaru Cup PROXCT
Favorite Quote: Pedal Damnit
2012 Goals:
Racing hard in CX through Nattionals then gearing up for a ripping fast MTB season on my way to Nats in Sun Valley. Top 5 in CAT1 MTB 35-39 is the goal on my way to being fast by 40!
What Moves you?
My legs, duh! oh and pushing myself to not get passed by K-Rocket!
Blog: http://rocketfamilyracing.blogspot.com/

Jesse Gross
Nickname: The Manimal
Age: 36
Height/Weight: 6’1” – 190lbs
Category: MTB -1, Cyclocross -3
Top Results:
2011 Berryman Trail Epic 2nd SS/21st overall
2011 Spoke Pony 6hr 1st in SS/2nd overall
2011 Missouri State Championship 2nd in SS
2011 Syllamo's Revenge 5th SS, 19th overall
2011 Roubidoux Roundup 1st in Marathon
2011 Bonebender 3 hr 2nd in SS/10th overall
Favorite Race: Syllamo's Revenge
Favorite Quote: Derailleurs are overrated and under used!
2012 Goals:
Podium in CAT1 mtb races on a singlespeed. Go to at least one national race. Do more cross country format races. Have the hairiest legs on the podium!
What Moves you?
Riding fast and slow with friends. Finding new physical limits. And a nice cold chocolate milk after hard ride.

Sean Burns
Nickname: Burnsey
Age: 36
Height/Weight: 5'-11" - 165 lbs
Category: MTB - Single Speed
Top Results: (I prefer to "Finish, Not last") I'm not a numbers guy...
Favorite Race: Syllamo's Revenge, Leadville 100, anything Epic, long and painful
Favorite Quote: "A life lived in Fear is a life half-lived".
2012 Goals: More endurance races, one gear as usual with top ten finishes.
What Moves you? Doing more than I think I can, being better than I think I can be, and sharing the rewards of those successes with my friends and family.
Single Speed Pirate

Cameron Rex
Nickname: Dragon
Age: 17
Height/Weight: 6’0 – 165lbs
Category: RD-2 CX-2
Top Results:
Jingle 'cross 2011 Day #1- 8th place, category 2
Boss 'cross #2 6th place, men's open
Dogfish Hermann CX Day #2- 9th place men's open
USGP New Belgium Cup day #1- 9th place Junior Men
Favorite Race: Any 'cross race with a grippy grass
Favorite Quote: Nothing I say should be taken seriously, except this.
2012 Goals: I want to do fast and be a consistent heavy hitter in the elite races
What moves you? Knowing everything I do is completely up to me.

Mark Cole
Nickname: Cole Train
Age: 33
Height/Weight: 5’11” 180 lbs
Category: MTB -1, Cyclocross -3, Road -3
Top Results:
2011 Spring Fling Crit Cat 3, two 1st.
2011 Tour of KC Lees Summit Crit Cat 3, 1st.
2011 Bone Bender 6Hr Solo SS, 1st
2011 Tall Oak Challenge 6H Solo, 4rth, SS 1st.
2011 KS State SS Champ
2011 Mo 2nd State SS
Favorite Race: Bone Bender, RIM, DK, LT100, Crits!
Favorite Quote: “Cause I like to party”! Cal Naughton, Jr.
2012 Goals:
Top 5 overall @ RIM
Top 5 overall @ Swope 6
9:45 Finish LT100
Several Cat 3 Crit wins, Cat ½ license
Compete in CX 1/2/3 again…
Finish the DK200
Get into Ouchita
What Moves you?
Getting spanked by Travis, Jesse, Garrett, and JP.
Deadmau5, FeedMe, Skrillex, AlterBridge, VH, BPM.
Jodie, Landon, Sarah, Baxter and Millie Cole

Travis Donn
Nickname: T-Donn, Pyro
Age: 34
Height/Weight: 5'9 155lbs
Top Results:
• 10th Words master CX age 35-39
• 2nd open Missouri state championship cyclocross
• 1st open duo Bone Bender
• 1st cat 1 30-39 Mellow Johnny's Classic
• 1st cat 1 30-39 Roubidoux Round up
• 3rd cat 1 30-39 Rhett's Run
• 3rd cat 1 30-39 Bump n Grind
• 13th cat 1 30-39 mountain bike nationals
• 1st 6 hour solo open Spoke and Pony
• 1st open 2 person Tall Oaks
• 1st 3 person team wicked fast Burning at the Bluffs
• 1st open 4 person 24 hours of 9 mile
Favorite Race: Team racing, Long, fast, short anything on 2 wheels
2012 Goals:
Podium everything I touch this year,
Top 3 at CX worlds 2013
Go big or go home!
What moves you?Having a life with all the benefits I have is amazing, the hard part is to find time for it all. I love to attack life head on figure it out on the fly and push myself to my limits and then explode through.

Steve Schweiker
Nickname: Steve-o, Stevie (careful)
Ht/wt: 6’ 2”, 165 lbs.
Age: N/A
Class: Cat 2 Mountain Bike - Cat 4 Cyclocross
Top Results:
2010 State Champion, Kansas and Missouri, Masters 60+
Champion, 2011 Veteran’s Cross Masters 60-64
First Place, 2011 Boss Cross #3 Masters 60+
2011 Series 60 points leader, Masters 60+
Mountain Bike:
First Place, 2011 Down and Dirty, Sport 50+
First Place, 2010 Tour d’Lizard, Sport 60+
2012 Goals: Ride more, train harder, win more.
What moves You? Adrenaline, competition, podium tops.

Andrew Coe
Nickname: Coe
Age: 30
Height/Weight: 6’0” – 155lbs
Category: Cyclocross - 1
Top Results:
2012 UCI CX Masters World Championships 30-34 – 12th
2012 USA National Championships Masters 30-34 - 10th
2011 Kansas CX Best Overall Rider Series Winner
2011 Kansas CX Championships Sr Men - 2nd
2011 Jingle Cross UCI C1 Sunday - 21st
2011 Jingle Cross UCI C2 Saturday - 16th
2011 Jingle Cross UCI C2 Friday - 20th
Favorite Race: USGP Cyclocross Madison
Favorite Quote: Carpe Diem
2012 Goals:
Podium at Cross Nationals. Competing in more UCI elite races. Getting more people involved in CX locally.
What Moves you?
I want to make the local racing scene better.

     Sarah Worthington
Nickname: Belle
Age: 36
Height: 5'-3"
Category: MTB- 1 CX- 2
Top Results:
2011 Syllamo’s Revenge 50, 3rd open women
2011 Missouri XC State Champion open women
2011 Jingle Cross 3rd place Cat 2-3 women
Favorite Race: Any event hosted by my friends at Pisgah Productions, Shenandoah 100
Favorite Quote: “love is the only true revolution”
2012 Goals: Push myself to do my best, have fun no matter what the outcome. Improve on last year’s time at Syllamo and especially Berryman. Race strong at CX nationals and masters Worlds.
What Moves you? Being present in the moment. Having the smallest possible footprint on our planet. Treating all living beings with love and respect. Drinking hoppy beers with friends after the ride!

Jamie Jeffries
Nickname: FM
Age: 42
Height/Weight: 5’8”/ 175
Category: MTB -2, Cyclocross -3
Favorite Race: Dakota 50, Berryman Epic
Favorite Quote: And When you want something, All the world conspires in helping you to achieve it. Paulo Coelho
2012 Goals: Sub 6 at Syllamo and sub 10 at Leadville
What Moves you? My family, happy people, and riding as hard as I can.

Garet Steinmetz
Nickname : Gwiz
Age: 25
Height/Weight: 6’-3", 175 lbs
Top Results:
1st place overall Cat 1 Mellow Johnny’s Pro XTC
5th Place Cat 1 19-24 MTB Nationals
1st Place Burning at the Bluff Trio Wicked Fast Team
1st Place Missouri SS Championships
Favorite Race: THE DARKNESS!
Favorite Quote: Just when you think it hurts… Dig deeper!
2012 Goals:
Midpack some Pro races!
What moves you?
Hero dirt on any trail that I can get my hands on. Trails are a man’s best friend…

Kevin Winters
Nickname: The Godfather
Age: 44
Height/Weight: 6'2"/15 stone 5
Category: MTB-2 Cyclocross-4
Top Results:
2011 Bone Bender 1st 6hr Clydesdale
Favorite Race:
Berryman Trail Epic, Dirty Kanza 200
Favorite Quote:
The next effort's the most important. It's not a wast of time, if you enjoy what you're doing.
2012 Goals:
No DNF's, no DFL's, finish the 2012 DK200.
What moves you? Who really knows.

Mia Phillips
Nickname: Mimi
Age: 45
Height/Weight: 5’-5”
Category: MTB -1; CX - I wish
Top Results:
2011 Berryman Trail Epic - Epic Trail Sweep :)
2011 Syllamo's Revenge -
2011 Ouachita Challenge, 9th - Women overall
2011 Battle for Townsend Ridge, 1st - Cat 1, Women 40-49
2011 OMBA Carumba, 2nd, Women Marathon
Favorite Race: Syllamo's Revenge, Leadville 100, Breckenridge 68
Favorite Quote: "Be kind and pay it forward. If you do, you will ride
faster and have fewer flats!" -Anonymous; “Dig Deep” – Ken Chlouber, founder LV100
2012 Goals:
That elusive Leadville buckle!
Breck 68 - 10-11 hours
At least one 24 hour race...somewhere...anywhere
What Moves you?
Riding my bike keeps me sane! I need to ride. And my family...
Blog: www.miaphillips.wordpress.com