Sunflower State Games

Last weekend Travis and I headed to Topeka to mash some pedals at the Sunflower State Games race. Well when you first pull up to see ten cars and the registration booth in the middle of a random neighborhood you start to wonder. Turns out all the action was happening up the hill, which really made no sense why they had registration at the bottom. We even had to pull off the tag team effort to ride the cooler up the hill, not knowing we could have just drove. Nothing like toting a cooler full of water bottles, beer, and a foam roller up a hill for a warm up while trying not to rip off your buddies arm because you can't ride in sync.

We droped the cooler off and started up the start, which happend to be a half mile plus flat gravel path. I figured I was doomed from the start. A singlespeed and flat gravel paths don't mix well together. Once we finally got the singletrack though it was all smiles. Fun fast flowy dirt. Great course for a singlespeed with a good mix of climbing and decending. All in all after our pre-lap, we were ready for four laps of fast racing fun.

We toed the line with another seven or eight experts. I think there were nine or ten of us total, not a big field, but fairly stacked with our big comp being mister Aaron Elwell. That dude always makes us look bad. But he's a pro you know, so we don't feel too bad.

The official said go, and I did. I spun like a mad man, and got the hole shot. Eventually got swallowed up by the field charged by Travis on a mission.

Four laps later and Mr. Elwell took first honors, I had a suprisingly good race and took 2nd, and Travis took 3rd. Nothing to crazy during the race, no mechinicals which was welcome. I did manage to stay on Aarons wheel for the first lap, and was only down a few seconds on the second. That's when he started opening the gap.

Big shout out to our newest sponsor, Weston Brewry. These guys know how to brew some good brew! We had plenty of beer on hand, but apparently not alot of people feel like drinking at 10:30 in the morning. We were though!

Catch us after most races and we'll be happy to supply you with some fine drinks from Weston. This weeks race we had some Drop Kick Ale and the new Ruddy Wheat beer, which is now my favorite! Thanks again to Mike and Corey out at Weston Brewry for making sure we all stay properly hydrated after long hard fought battles out on the dirt.

I'm heading to Perry this weekend, along with Kevin I believe, who hasn't seen dirt since St. Joe. Sad I know. Trav is heading down South for some undercover training. I think he's just mad I finally beat him and is plotting his revenge.

I told Aarron I got his number this weekend... Here's to that.




Travis Rides Bikes Fast

Last weekend Trav and Steve mounted up and headed down to Springfield for the Omba Caramba race. Reports I've heard were that the race was well put on, but the course was brutal on the rigid singlespeeders. Maybe that's why Travis crushed it, beings he's got one of those fancy plastic full sussy's. Steve too...

Travis took the Open win and 3rd overall. Mark Gullet and Cale M. took the first two spots. Reports also had it Brad Huff was out there. I see him in the bike magazines representing Jelly Belly. Roadies and mountain biking is always funny to me.

Trav and Steve should be heading down to Arkansas for the Fat Tire Festival this weekend. I had plans to go but those plans got squashed when other plans took over and got in the way. I was out last weekend floating and getting crazy down south, and unfortunately have the first of three weddings of this month this weekend. Fun fun...

Fat Tire Festival this weekend, Sunflower Games next weekend, then Perry, then I'm off to Key West and we'll be back to launch a full frontal team attack at RIM!

Get ready boys and girls, it's about to get crazy these next coming months.

Let's look at the boy's as they master the Omba Drop...