Boxing Day CX...

Double-flat for Brocket (but he still finished in style) and a win for Coe in the 1/2 at today's Boxing Day CX...
T-Rocket stood on the podium in the USAC Youth, looking strong in her new Ethos team skin suit!


Andrew Coe - Top Dog...

Congrats to Ethos Team Rider Andrew Coe, you're the man! Andrew takes the 1012 KCBXR/KCBXT cat 1/2 win!

More info HERE


Lost Trail CX...


Tori - Ethos newest and youngest

Tori doing what she does best
Tori on the Podium!!!



Missouri State CX...

Images care of Derek Fox & COMO CYCO



Riverfront CX Training Course - NOW OPEN...

RiverfrontCX Blog - click HERE


Giving Back

 Volunteers build trails through Roanoke Park

Jessie and G gave back a bit of time along side Shoff and crew to help open up phase 3 of Roanoke Park.  Brett and his crew of builders have been hard at it and in due time Roanoke will be a sweet little gem to hit up when riding around town. Right now there are three sections open with more to come in the future.  41 Action News was on hand to show a little love...


Dogfish Cross



Garet hucking his way through Subaru Cup

Last weekend was some of the best racing around the country up at the Subaru Cup PROXCT.

Here is some footage of G-Wiz in the Pro men's race, he was the crowd favorite this day popping some nice air through the Trek Fire Line Drops.


Conditioned to Ignore Pain...

Dan (Left) and Ethos very own T.Donn (Right)
Take a minute & Check out Dan Miller's story HERE.


Colavita domination

Sat was some fun local racing, more to post up soon but for now enjoy the shot of the Ethos wrecking crew putting the smack down on the trails. They boys keep getting faster, it's a love/hate sorta thing that drives em!

T-Donn and G-Wiz shredded the trails up taking 1st and 2nd overall.


Missouri State Championships - Down N Dirty...

This must be what they mean by Down N Dirty...
JP shows off his tactics to stay ahead of the game
You can read Travis' race report HERE.

Check out this short video JP shot to see why [he] is walking his bike in the above photo.



The Dirty Kanza 200+ miles of gravel showdown was attended by a handful of the Ethos Posse. Here we have Dave and Jesse in the trail of riders doing what they do best in one gear. Mark pulled off a good race and landed in the top 15 Open. Hopefully we will get a race report out of someone in the near future, Timbo?


Syllamo's Revenge 2012

Travis, Jason & Jesse all took home a chunk of Arkansas. Details Coming SOON...


Wilson Lake Fat Tire Festival

Loads of good times from the crew that rolled over to Wilson Lake on Sunday. Snagged a few podiums while ripping some smiles on the trails.

A Picture is worth a thousand words...


OMBA Carumba

O-M(y) B(roken) A(rse), those trails have some chatter to them. Sunday it happened and unfortunately there was only a small Ethos showing. Fortunately  the peeps who did show face had a great time and showed our southern brethren how to ride some bikes. Bikes on dirt and rock that is. The Brocket clan and Steve-O packed up and headed down early in the fine yet cold spring weather to meet the lone Springfield Ethos rider Mia P. (as in pee on everyone elses Marathon Race Parade).

As mentioned above Mia took the win in the womens marathon, no doubt in preparation for the upcoming Syllamo. Steve took 3rd in the CAT2 50+ and also beat all the 40+. B&K Rocket, or as I like to call them Beanpole 1 & 2 each took the overall CAT 1 win for men and women. JP duked it out with local stud Cale McAninch. Don't give Cale an Inch in a race, he'll take a foot then some. JP did give him quite a  bit more than a foot but managed to save some Rocket fuel for a scorching last lap, his race report is here.

Nice work Ladies and Gentlemen!

JP standing taller!

K-Rocket-All smiles!


Ethos opens the local UFD West racing scene with some W's

Smoking fast trails today at Lawrence for the opener of the UFD West MTB series and Ethos put everyone on notice, better bring your A+ game if you want in the podium! Great start to the season with and 2nd and 3rd overall in CAT1 Men, 1st Overall in Women, 1st in Marathon men and a 1st in CAT2 Men.

26 seconds between 1st-3rd. T-Donn 3rd & Rocket 2nd overall.
K-Rocket 1st Women and 8th overall in Cat 1 Men?!?!?! Ripping fast.
Coe races his first Marathon length race and takes the W!
Knight rips off a 1st in Cat2 Men and will be moving on up to Cat 1 soon.



Mellow Johnnies - Rockets double podium

K-Rocket and JP both went down to Texas for the Mellow Johnnies ProXCT and they each took 3rd place. JP pulled down a solid 4th overall  for the Cat 1 men all age groups as well. JPs race recap
JP with his first podium at a ProXCT event.
K-Rocket 3rd. CA, CO, MO on the podium.


Gravel Gravy

Saturday almost the entire ethos crew gathered at Kevin's house for a glorious day of cruising the country roads south east of KC.
JP, K-Rocket, Kevin, TDonn, Jamie, The Bald Chimp, Steve, Sarah and myself were suited up in ethos kits. Drew and Justin B of Elite/Maple cycling joined the crew. With a 9:30 rollout we were greeted with perfect gravel grinding weather, 40's and sunny. The wind out of the NE pushed us along for the first 30 miles. The country scenery mixed with good company and fun conversations had everyone smiling. The country dogs were numerous, with the highlight being the Irish Wolfhound farm.

The route back north had a slight head wind bringing us to Kingsville, MO home of the Conoco clown. Some Coke and Candy bars were downed and spun out on the final leg. After a total of 65 miles the group reached the Godfathers house. It was great to have an actual Ethos "groupride." Hopefully next time Sean, Mark, Andrew, Jason and Mia will be able to make it. They could have been hiding in the buffalo for all I know! I guess Garet can come also.


CX Nats

Travis, Andrew, K-Rocket and JP are headed to Madison to contend for the Stars-n-Stripes on Sat. Karen and JP are racing on Wed in the non-championship race as well. Will post up some updates here throughout the week as events unfold.

Here is JP's update for Tue: http://rocketfamilyracing.blogspot.com/2012/01/cx-nats-tue-update.html

K-Rocket 5th and JP 2nd today in Madison at the non-championship races. Double podium day for Ethos!
Day 2 update here: http://rocketfamilyracing.blogspot.com/2012/01/cx-nats-wed-update.html

KC Area racers Dean Parker (4th) and Catherine Walberg (2nd) on the podium today while Jen Harrell-Rhoades just misses with a solid 6th place.
K-Rocket races for the national title @ 10:45am tomorrow morning.
Thu update: http://rocketfamilyracing.blogspot.com/2012/01/cx-nats-thu-update.html

JP's Nats race recap: http://rocketfamilyracing.blogspot.com/2012/01/cx-nats-race-report.html

K-Rockets's recap: http://k-rocket.blogspot.com/2012/01/cyclocross-nationals.html