Gravel Gravy

Saturday almost the entire ethos crew gathered at Kevin's house for a glorious day of cruising the country roads south east of KC.
JP, K-Rocket, Kevin, TDonn, Jamie, The Bald Chimp, Steve, Sarah and myself were suited up in ethos kits. Drew and Justin B of Elite/Maple cycling joined the crew. With a 9:30 rollout we were greeted with perfect gravel grinding weather, 40's and sunny. The wind out of the NE pushed us along for the first 30 miles. The country scenery mixed with good company and fun conversations had everyone smiling. The country dogs were numerous, with the highlight being the Irish Wolfhound farm.

The route back north had a slight head wind bringing us to Kingsville, MO home of the Conoco clown. Some Coke and Candy bars were downed and spun out on the final leg. After a total of 65 miles the group reached the Godfathers house. It was great to have an actual Ethos "groupride." Hopefully next time Sean, Mark, Andrew, Jason and Mia will be able to make it. They could have been hiding in the buffalo for all I know! I guess Garet can come also.