Cyclofit ®

Travis and Cameron have been doing alot of this Cyclofit ®. They have told me this is their propeitary workout plan for cyclocross, and that everytime you use the "word" you owe them a dollar. So Ethos racing now is indebted to them a total of $2.

Despite the sillyness of this claim, the workout plan certainly seems to be working. Team Ethos has been doing quite well at the local cross races. Check out Garet's blog for some of his latest race reports, as well as the sick photo of him boosting over the only surviving dinosaur in the Midwest. Travis has been wreaking havoc with his new Ridley, bringing home 3rd place in the Boss Cross Cat 3/4 race two weeks ago. The rest of us have been putting forth our best Ethos efforts and still having a great time.

Friday night Travis, Cameron, Kevin and myself met at All Weather Control HQ, and deployed North to the riverfront park for a brutal workout. We did four 8 minute intervals of follow the leader through the park. It was a blast, and my legs were jelly by the end. We ended by spinning back to my hood to drop me off, then everyone headed back to the rivermarket.

Tomorrow a clown car full of Ethos riders are headed out to Wyandotte County Park for the Boulevard Cup Cross Race. I both assume and hope that the entrance fee includes some free beers before, during or after the race.

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