Croc Rock

Ya, I'm late, but I was hoping for some sweet trail pics to show of us dominating the Croc Rock race. No go on that, so I guess a few podium pics and a picture of Kevin's mug is all you get.

Last weekend was a great one for the race book. Lyle put on a great race, with a super fast course considering the amount of rock thrown in.

Myself, Kev, and Steve comprised the Ethos group. Kev made a sweet 5th place podium apperance as shown here...

Steve is looking good and put his best result of the year in yet with a 4th place finish.

And me, well it was another good weekend. 1st in my 19-29 group, and 3rd overall.

Good times, great racing, and even better beer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Sunryes Ale. It's a classic summer brew from Weston. Kev and Amy seemed to enjoy Ruddy as well.

I'm off for a couple weekends, but we should have a good size group of fellows up at RIM in a few weekends. That's going to be a sweet race, and I hate to miss it. Get off yur bum and do it...



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