Spoke Pony 3/6...

Once again the Singlespeed brotherhood takes the podium at the Spoke Pony Showdown at Swope Park over the Weekend. Jesse and Burnsey tested their metal spinning one gear for six hours on a killer course. I can't say enough good things about Jesse's performance, but his nickname being Manimal might give you a bit of a hint. He pretty much slayed the competition. Good ol' Peat Awesome put up a good fight to come in second on some real p.o.s. 90's bike ( he could possibly be Manimal Jr.) and Burnsey...well, lets just say I had a great time and pulled off another podium spot.
Jason Douglas had to climb some stairs too, another podium for the team! Nice work and nice riding on the unfamiliar, rocky, technical and treacherous course! You made us proud.
Then there's Travis. Lets just say he was 'wearing the pant's' and put everyone else to shame with 60+ miles, and two firsts. Way to kill it (as usual bro!)
Garet showed up for a double header weekend. First was this race and then Single Speed Championships the following day (which he won). On a sad note, Garet had a few mechanicals, the final one being a broken frame (that cost more than my car). At least he still has his single speed :)
Sarah (as usual) demonstrated her mad skills with a win in the three hour. I remember her smiling that big smile as she flew by me mid lap, loving every minute in the saddle.
All in all another great day with four podium's for the crew!

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