Hermann CX pics and some cool vid + this years best crash

So the story goes... 5 Ethos racers go to Hermann CX... whatever, we kicked it with 5 top 5 finishes and one podium (2nd). Sat night K-Rocket took 4th in the Elite Women's race while JP took 2nd in the Masters 30+ and Coe rocketed to a 4th in the Elite men (Travis 9th, JP 18th, Cam forgot to tighten his cranks). Sun more of the same with K-Rocket in 4th again. Travis took 5th, Coe 6th and Cam 9th while JP pulled something in his ribs and left the race early.

Hermann CX is a freaking great way to start the season off. Jeff Yielding does a killer job putting the event on, it's worth the short drive (or bike ride as G-Wiz did) to the event. It's the closest little big race round these parts next to Jingle Cross Rock. Nuf typing, check the pics and the vids. Oh and one last thing, ETHOS IS GONNA KILL IT IN CX THIS YEAR!

K-Rocket whipping her new sled (15.6lbs!)

Travis with his patented mean face on

Coe and Trav playing in the sand again

Cam the Man wearing green and looking mean
Something was funny, like me leading Schottler on lap 1...

Pretty sweet video shot of the Sat night race.

Best crash of the year, so far that is!

The full results are here, out.

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