K-Rocket's USGP Derby Cup Race

USGP Derby Cup Video from Karen's races over the weekend where she took 2nd and 4th. Awesome venue, super fast racing, best CX course we have raced on to date.

It's awesome how she focuses then competes out there, she really gets after it, her ability to dig, then dig deeper, then bury herself leaving nothing, and I mean nothing is amazing to watch. This year she is developing the heart of a fierce competitor, no quit, no backing down. The way she is racing in these big events is fun to watch, she is out gunned by these women at each race being the little skinny girl and yet claws, elbows, digs and cuts her way to the podium. When her physical strength catches up to her heart it's going to be an amazing thing to watch!

She has raced USGP Fort Co and USGP Louisville this year and has a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place finish in her 4 races.

Cross Country is finished so now she can focus on Cross the rest of the season. She will be racing the 3/4 Men locally (watch out boys!) and then 2/3 Women at the big races leading up to CX Nats in Jan where she is gunning for a top 5 finish in the 17/18 Junior's race. Next year she may just be racing with the Elite Women...

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