Missouri State Championship

This past weekend was the wrap up of the Boss Cross Series and the Cyclocross Missouri State Championship. The conditions were like none other, 6 inch deep mud the consistency of peanut butter. Sounds horrible right? Actually it sounds like a recipe for Ethos to come out on top! So it was no surprise that the podiums had plenty of green and black, muddy green and black that is.
Sunday the Masters races and Women's Open kicked off early. Steve showed the mature crowd how it is done with a 3rd place finish. JP took the win in the Masters 35+ and was rewarded with one of the ugliest cycling jerseys ever designed. It should be mentioned that JP took 4th in the Open race on Saturday behind Travis in 3rd. Nice work Rocket! As the old saying goes "like father, like daughter" or something like that. Karen took the win in the CAT 1/2/3 so her and her dad having matching outfits for that "ugly jersey holiday party" that the office has every year. You kill it as always K-Rocket. Sarah celebrated her birthday on Sunday by breaking her chain and running the final 1/2 lap and STILL secured 4th. It must suck to have to line up next to those two ladies (Saturday they dominated Boss Cross 4 with a Sarah, Karen 1-2 finish).
By the time Single Speed started the mud had congealed just a slight amount for added resistance and the course conditions deteriorated. I took 3rd. JDoug conformed to peer pressure and raced SS and Cat3 back to back with good finishes in both (7th in SS, 10th in CAT 3), that hurts my legs just thinking about it. For the record, the people who showed up to race this weekend meant business, there was no fluff in the categories. Sean tested his mettle and toed the line for his first cross race ever on his fixie mountain bike, pulling a Top 10. Is he hooked? Only time will tell.
And finally the Men's Open. You race last, the course is totally destroyed and you race the longest. That's what you get for being the tough guys! Well TDonn is one tough SOB. He rolled across the line in 2nd place in a VERY stacked field. Very impressive sir! A huge shout out to the "ugly jersey" pit crew of Karen and JP. They removed untold amounts of mud allowing a clean bike each lap if needed.

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