OMBA Carumba

O-M(y) B(roken) A(rse), those trails have some chatter to them. Sunday it happened and unfortunately there was only a small Ethos showing. Fortunately  the peeps who did show face had a great time and showed our southern brethren how to ride some bikes. Bikes on dirt and rock that is. The Brocket clan and Steve-O packed up and headed down early in the fine yet cold spring weather to meet the lone Springfield Ethos rider Mia P. (as in pee on everyone elses Marathon Race Parade).

As mentioned above Mia took the win in the womens marathon, no doubt in preparation for the upcoming Syllamo. Steve took 3rd in the CAT2 50+ and also beat all the 40+. B&K Rocket, or as I like to call them Beanpole 1 & 2 each took the overall CAT 1 win for men and women. JP duked it out with local stud Cale McAninch. Don't give Cale an Inch in a race, he'll take a foot then some. JP did give him quite a  bit more than a foot but managed to save some Rocket fuel for a scorching last lap, his race report is here.

Nice work Ladies and Gentlemen!

JP standing taller!

K-Rocket-All smiles!


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