Laying Low

So the Ethos crew has been laying low and putting in the hours as of late, getting ready for the next bout of racing coming up soon.

As far as XC goes, Warsaw is the next venue for some Down and Dirty Racing. The same weekend will find Kevin battling his hardest effort yet, the Dirty Kanza. Then it's off to the State Champs at Castlewood, followed by some Perry Lake action the weekend after that. Put in a nice 3/6 hour race at Warsaw the weekend after that and you've got the recipe for 4 weekends of good ol' racing fun.

Find the dirt at united here... Midwest fat tire, here...

Here's to hoping Kevin survives.... I'm putting money on yup!


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  1. If any of you guys want to do the Dirty Kanza, I have a registration and am not going to use it..
    Just let me know. Jason - Shores Sports