Rounded Up

For those of you lucky enough to race Krug last weekend, you were treated to wonderfully dry trails, and lots and lots of climbing. Destruction would be one way to describe this 7 mile loop, Curvacious could be another, Awesome would be my description. The crew out at St. Joe did an great job with this trail, and the trials riding was pretty freaking cool to watch too. Could that be our next venture? Ethos Trials? Kevin said he's in...

Travis man handling that last big push up to the finish...

Me manhandling it my own way. My 34x19 was easier to run than ride up that beast.

Steve with the eye of the tiger

Kevin loving one of the thirteen bridges

Yet, another bridge... We got our bridge riding skillz down.

Kevin looking like he's having way to much fun for a race.

I struggled to 2nd in the 19-29 Cat 1 class. I couldn't say I was the only SS'er in the Expert class this race, Josh, on the far left was rocking his S-works SS Stumpy too. Nice work

And lastly, we have Jeffrey, who is suspeciously looking like he's about to make a covert bike switch in a last ditch effort to crush Aaron E, the eventual overall top spot.

Good racing fellas


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