Mass Update

Sorry folks... I know you've been all so patiently waiting to hear what the Ethos crazies have been up to lately. I'm just saying... Travis has taken forever getting pics sent, and a post without pics are about as pointless as a bike classified without putting the size.

Dave won SS cross style at Swope which brings us to the XC race. Rain the night before made for a super hard course. Here's action shots..

Getting the sleds ready

Shawn looks confused

So glad to be done

Travis sampling some fine brew from Weston

So weak

Jamie looks excited!

Travis on the podium

Travis going fast

Everyone had a good time given the conditions. Shawn did it fixie style, and I had a broken seatpost... Guess it's better than broken bones though.

Then it was Manions Cross where Jamie and Kev took it to the house cross style.
I couldn't find any pics, although I was for sure I found some somewhere last week. Oh well, you have the man picture of Jamie below that pretty much sums it up. Super tough course from what I've heard. Kev didn't finish last in the 4's, and Jamie mixed it up in the 3/4's.

Whilst everyone was off racing skinny knobbies, Steve and I took it to dirt for some more XC action at Knob Noster. The course was almost perfect, but a little rain the night before made for a couple of slick corners and a little overall slower speed. It was my home course and I took it to the whopping 4 total experts for the overall win, and Steve took home a 2nd, inching his way closer and closer to beating his rival, Gary Lowden in the old man Cat 2 class.

Yesterday Steve and I took it to Warsaw for some more XC fun while the other boys took it to Boss Cross. Travis and I had similar luck. I flatted twice in the first half of the first lap of three at Warsaw, but managed to still finish the race. Travis sliced his sidewall in the last lap. Kevin is working on his skillz and raced 4s, and I assume Jamie was there too. Haven't got the full recap on that one yet. Kevin took another 2nd, beating out some other competition, and yet getting even closer to Gary.

Now it's pretty much full on cross. I give it to my boy Steve, at least he came out to get in the last of the dirt action. Now I guess I'll start riding my cross bike for the first time since last year...


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