Smithville CX

When posting the title to this post I accidently put XC instead of CX. My minds still stuck in mtb mode.

Yesterday was teh smithville cross race and our boys did quite well. Travis got a holeshot, settled in and took home 4th in the open.

Kevin and Steve battled it out in the 35+ 4's and Steve managed to come out on top just by a hair. Kevin did also do the 4s though so maybe that was it...

Jessie doubled up, took home a good finish in the Master 35s, and then won the Master 35+ 4s. I'm thinking it's time for our boy to move it on up. Wouldn't want him being a target for our drama filled sandbagger blog. Silly boys.

Enjoy the pics from our good friend Cross Guru. Awesome job on them...

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