Bone Bender Tally

So after all the dust settled, the Ethos crew racked up a pretty impressive tally of podium apperances at last weekends Bone Bender in Lawrence, KS.

All their winter training paid off, as we had a total of 6 podium spots accounted for.

JP Brocket and Little Karen Rocket took first in the Co-Ed Duo Class.

Kevin took first in the big boys Clydsdale 6 Hour Solo class.

Trav and Myself took down the 6 Hour Duo Open class.

Jessie took a hard earned 2nd in the 3 Hour Solo SS class.

Mark Cole put in 7 laps to capture the 6 Hour Solo SS win.

And even though I couldn't find the photographic evidence to prove it, our gal Sara W. took 2nd in the 3 Hour Solo Female category. She did however come in with less than a minute to spare and still went out for lap 4. Now that's a true Ethosian.

Results here.

My recap is here.

Seans is here.

JDougs is here.

And holy cow, Pryo updated his blog here...

The rest of the crew put in valient efforts, and I'm sure they all had a blast getting blasted by the awesome course that was laid out. Thanks to all the volunteers, and all the work done to put on such a great event. Ethos will be back next year!

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