Dave's Bonebender Recap...

Bone Bender, Uuggg.  I don’t know what it is but three years running this race has stymied me.  I just can’t get a rhythm going for this thing, adding in the Clinton Lake topography just compounded things.  I started out OK after the run up. Managed traffic then Phisst- a slow leak in my rear tire. Stan’s stopped it at about 15 psi so I decided to ride it out to the pits since I was in traffic anyway. 
About two thirds through the lap on a mostly benign section of trail I dropped off the downhill side and launched over the bars, leading with my face.  For a split second I thought I was done, I landed on my head, flipped or whatever then stood up quickly to assess damage. My helmet was OK as was my neck so I jumped on and continued, although shaken at the dynamic of the crash.
Back at the pits I added air but the leak came back so Travis plugged it then I took off on lap two.  About a third in, Phisst- a slow leak in my rear tire. Same story so I decided to ride it back low and top it off at the pits. Then another crash trying to manage a rocky section, not on my head but decent enough.  My race was all but ruined, I was riding way conservative, shaken from the early face plant and just couldn’t get a decent rock game going. 
I limped around for another three laps then called it at 5:20 feeling like another lap would likely lead to another spectacular crash. 
I will fight another day.

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